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This lovely ring is available on Etsy in gold (pictured) and in silver. It costs $28 and is available in various sizes. Perfect for a princess femme who prefers to wear a subtle sign of royalty!

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Imagine Person A of your OTP proposing to Person B in the same spot where their first date took place.



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Ok no more Tumblr for me for a month xD

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Yeah, like I need to be reminded of the people who ruin my life.

Can anyone ever?

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cory month: may 1st/may 10th - what i love about cory

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Send me ‘Have You Evers’ and I will reply with Yes or No.

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Do you ever just want to go up on the rooftop and yell, declaring your love for Cory Fucking Monteith and Monchele and everything perfect yes yes I do I miss Tumblr omg Monchele is too much omg like sosanfjongfhdsiakjnbfvhfkjdnwbfhjdnkhfbjedn

/I caon’t noeven oni

I likme vej  I feeli jolike I jsust cijklkwoqskdfj

CORY okay JAWsncjkn Adn lihihela and heo ‘s oso much better anidhj it’s jjust too mcuh ofr me to havnle i ca n’t deal omg she’s perecnot ongovfidnsoxizrdsxn

that’s all

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Monchele + sunsets :)

NYC (12/19/2011), Hawaii (1/5/2013), Victoria, BC (4/30/2013)